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Introducing TeamTALK

TeamHEALTH offers TeamTALK to support all Territorians during these unique and challenging times

Call us today on 1800 832 600

Anytime between 8am and 8pm seven days a week

All Territorians have been impacted by the constantly changing, immensely challenging times in which we find ourselves. Some Territorians are trying to survive having lost their job or business, others are trying to rapidly adapt in response to the ever-evolving situation. People are cut off from their loved ones in other states and are having their lives disrupted and impacted in important ways. Each one of us has a unique story to tell about the challenges faced during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We know that these stressful scenarios, coupled with the removal of our everyday coping mechanisms and wellbeing rituals, such as social connection, a fortnightly visit with our psychologist, yoga or group sports – our mental health is impacted. We also know that everyone is affected differently. In response, TeamHEALTH want to help.

On 9th April 2020, TeamHEALTH launched TeamTALK - a phone based support service, where any Territorian can quickly access an experienced, locally based mental health recovery professional for a judgement free, confidential chat.

You may want to access TeamTALK if:

  • You don’t have many people or anyone you can talk to; you feel disconnected and isolated
  • You simply want a neutral and confidential ‘sounding board’ to discuss some of your concerns, such as loss of job, business or other.
  • You feel that you are increasingly stressed, and at risk of mental illness or relapsing
  • You want some assistance with practical strategies to cope in these difficult times

You don’t need to have a mental illness, either now or in the past, to access TeamTALK. TeamHEALTH understand that all Territorians are facing a unique challenge, which requires a unique effort to support them.

TeamHEALTH is a non-faith based local organisation that provides services and support to Territorians who have fallen through the cracks, and we have been doing so for over 30 years.

What does that actually look like? It’s supporting people when they come out of hospital or when they become unwell to regain confidence and connections. It’s gaining safe and secure housing, getting a job or gaining new skills, its support to undertake daily tasks that are often taken for granted. It’s listening to and understanding what a person wants and utilising the strengths and resources they have or that are available to them - so they can create their best life.

We understand that a valued life looks very different for everyone.

Do you need emergency help?

NT Mental Health Line

Ph: 1800 682 288


Ph: 13 11 14

Emergency Services

Ph: 000

Kids Helpline

Ph: 1800 55 1800

Suicide Call Back Service

Ph: 1300 659 467


Ph: 1800 650 890