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Are you feeling disconnected?

With everyone going through their own storms through the last few months it has been easy for us to feel like we are going through the motion without being able to relate to what we are doing. It is that mental and emotional detachment that can make us feel more isolated and alone than ever.

This feeling is different for everyone. It might be a loss of excitement for something that used to bring you joy. Maybe you feel like you’re just ticking boxes and passing the time. You may be questioning if this is all there is to life and how you got onto this hamster wheel.

While technology could have an impact on this (we’re all probably a little too attached to our phone, TV, tablet or computer), but sometimes we get the feeling of being overwhelmed by things we are going through. This can lead to distraction and even missing moment of connection with people around us.

To help us reconnect with what we are doing there are a few things we can try. The first is to mentally, emotionally and physically pay attention to what we are doing. Whether that’s having coffee with a friend or eating a meal with a loved one. Be involved in the conversation, pay attention to the taste of the food. If you find your mind wandering gently bring it back to the current moment.

You can see if you can find a few minutes to practice some meditation. This will enable you to build habits of bringing yourself back to the current moment until you do it without thinking about it. There are some great apps out there that can guide you through a session depending on how much time you are able to make.

You can also give TeamTALK a call for a completely confidential chat that can help to put everything in perspective if that is what you need. We’d love to hear from you.

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