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Services to people and families affected by mental illness
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Management Team

Helen Egan,
Chief Executive Officer

Helen Egan commenced as TEAMhealth CEO in 2012 and has developed strong links in the mental health sector and beyond. She continues to develop and draw on existing relationships in Government, not-for-profit organisations and the commercial world. Helen is President of the Northern Territory Mental Health Coalition (NTMHC), is a member of National Disability Services (NDS) NT Committee, and a community member of the NT Board of the Medical Board of Australia. An extensive background in governance, preventive health matters, health regulation and economic analysis supports Helen’s work as TEAMhealth CEO. Helen has lived and worked in the Northern Territory since 2006.


Julie Beaumont,
Business Services Manager

Julie Beaumont joined TEAMhealth as the Business Services Manager in 2014.  Julie has extensive experience in Healthcare having worked in both private and public hospitals and in the aged care, not for profit sector in Tasmania and Victoria.  Julie is also a member of the Management Committee of Amity Community Services.  Since moving to Darwin in 2004 Julie has been employed as Operations Manager at the Chamber of Commerce NT and has had several project positions at Power and Water Corporation.


Robyn Lacey,
Human Resource Manager

Robyn Lacey joined TEAMhealth as the Human Resources Manager in 2013. Robyn relocated to the Territory from South Australia in 2004 and brings a wealth of experience working in remote communities from across a variety of private sectors.


Tania Payne
Individual Support Manager

Tania Payne joined TEAMhealth as the Individual Support Manager in May 2015. Tania brings to TEAMhealth a wealth of experience having worked across Non-Government Mental Health services in Western Australia. 

As the Individual Support Manager, Tania is responsible for the management of TEAMhealth's Community Housing Program, Home Care Packages, Recovery Assistance Program (including Katherine), Carer Support Program and TEAMhealth's short and long term individual support services, Papaya and The Manse.


Kylie Ella
Mental Health Promotion Manager

Kylie Ella joined TEAMhealth in October 2015. Kylie’s background includes psychology and public health. Kylie brings with her over ten years experience working in the health sector in the areas of health management and administration.

As Mental Health Promotion Manager Kylie is responsible for the management of TEAMhealth's Child and Family Wellbeing Services, remote Family and Youth Services Program, Day to Day Living Program, Personal Helpers and Mentors Programs (including the remote programs) and the Youth Suicide Prevention and Education Program.